Friday, April 4, 2014

She's here!!!!!

We are proud to announce that our daughter Ruth Joy Kroeker is here!  Ruthie was born Thursday March 27th at 8:08PM!! Labor and delivery went well and birthmom did amazingly!! After 24 hours in the hospital we were able to bring our precious baby girl home! Karis is such a proud big sister & we are thrilled to be parents of two beautiful, happy girls!! We are home and settling into life as a family of 4. Thank you all for all your prayers and encouragement during the past year and half we've been praying for this baby!

Cheyenne, Alison, Karis & Ruthie


  1. Congratulations! She looks like a sweetie.

  2. So excited for you 3 and she's absolutely gorgeous! Cheers to the fam of 4!!

  3. Just wanted to check in and see some pics... LOVIN that beautiful family of 4 photo! :) Praying for you guys and so excited for each of you.