Saturday, January 4, 2014

Continuing in HOPE and FAITH

We are starting this new year in full faith that no matter what the future holds God will provide. And so as we step out in that we trust His promise to always be with us. We pick up the pieces, heal and keep going. Yes our hearts have been hurt, yes we've lost a large chuck of funds that had gone to pay for the precious birthmothers living expenses, but we will not be discouraged or give up. As we say in our house "Kroekers don't Quit"! :)

Out of what we had already raised ($25,000) we STILL HAVE the $10,000 we've raised through church/Lifesong, our $8,000 matching fee DOES roll over through our matching agency, and we have lost the $7,000 was already paid to our birthmother for travel to Kansas & living expenses for 4 months. So out of the $25,000 raised, we only need to re-raise $7,000, which in the adoption world is part of the risk of domestic adoption.

And so we continue fundraising and trusting that in God's timing He will bring us together with the right birthmom.

Lifesong for Orphans is still continuing to commit to helping us raise the funds we need and providing tax deductible receipts. We've currently raised $7000, through Lifesong, $2500 of which is our matching grant! You can still use the paypal button on the top right of our blog, or mail a check directly to Lifesong (info is along the side of the blog).

Amazon is still providing ways to fundraise, currently offering a great payout for each free Prime trial if you use our link (there's a specific code embeded in the link for our account to get credit), as well as if you use our link to order from Amazon we will get 6%-10% of all purchases!

Huge Praises:

*Every piece of our 1,000 piece puzzle has a name on it! Thank you to each person who helped us reach our goal!

*We reached our goal of $2500 in order to receive our full matching grant!! Thank you for each of you who gave so generously!!!!

Please pray for us to not loose hope and to persevere on! We are continuing to live frugally in order to save up as much as possible too and looking at any other creative, mutually beneficial, fundraising ideas that might be out there! :) We know we've already asked so much of our friends and family and don't want to wear out our friendships!!!

Most of all we crave your prayers! Adoption is not for the faint of heart! There still continue to be ups and downs. Hopes of having a birthmom look at our profile, to the disappointment of finding out she chose someone else. We know that no matter how long we wait, our child will be waiting for us at the end of this journey.

Continuing in HOPE,
The Kroekers helps us fundraise!!! And at NO cost to you!!!

We are still continuing to fundraise in FAITH that God will provide again for a baby HE has picked out for us!

If you haven't signed up for a FREE 30 day Prime trial with Amazon through our fundraising link, now you have the opportunity to and instead of just $2 we will receive $10 for each free trial!!! How's that for starting the new year right!? Costs you NOTHING and helps raise $10 towards our adoption!!!!!

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Note: in order for us to get credit you have to use these links that have our code embedded in them!

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