Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our first Kansas date night!

We got to have our first date night our second week here! Dad got to have the evening with Karis while we got to go out! We drove to Lindsborg, but as is common is this area, most of the town shuts down at 5pm! There was ONE place open for dinner...a Mexican place. We decided to walk around the town anyways, and even in the heat (100) it was nice to walk around just the two of us! We then drove around the town! It's a really cute little Swedish town, and there's another small Christian college (Bethany College) there too! Afterwards, we drove out of town up to Coronado Heights, where we got to see an amazing view of the area!!!

They have sno here too!!!
My handsome husband!
Driving up to Coronado Heights!
The "castle"!!!
There were these decorated horses all over town!
the photographer!
Out just US!!!
Exploring Lindsborg
Picking up our girl after she had a fun time at her Papa's!!!!

Snap Shots of our life

So it's been a while since I posted. :) Life has been filled with emotional ups and downs from all this change and setting down new roots. God has been continually faithful!

Here are some more snap shots of our past few weeks!!!

Karis opening a sunshine gift! Cheyenne's dad Dean put together a big box of mysterious presents that on hard, sad or homesick days we get to pick a gift and hopefully it'll bring a ray of sunshine into our day! We've opened, snacks, caramel, paper napkins, silly toys for K, Central Christian College shirts for Chy, and pull-ups!!! Dad definitely succeeded in sharing sunshine!!

Helping Dad rearrange furniture!
We put our canvas photo prints up!!
Opening another sunshine gift! Pull ups!! One can never be too over prepared!! Thank you Papa Dean!!!
Karis now has decided she likes watching TV! Yo Gabba Gabba!
When one is homesick...we tune into Compass Bible Church online for their Sunday service!!!!!!
Putting our touches on this house as we make it our home!
At 7:25 in the's still 100!!!!!
My laundry helper!!! She loves to play with her clothes!!!
Waiting for the train to pass in front of our house!!!
We had our fist date night!!! We explored!
folding laundry!
Enjoying water from a big girl cup!!
Another sunshine gift! This time a basil greenhouse!
One of our new favorite shops! Glen's! All kinds of great natural foods, fruits and snacks! Cheyenne found the candy isle!
Watching CBC's Sunday service!!
The weather forecast
This painting hung in our dining room in CA! It was a wedding gift from Cheyenne to me! My favorite. It's now officially our home now that's it's hung in our new dining room!!!